Poised for Picnics Dress- Pink

  • $32.00

We know you have nothing else even close to this in your wardrobe which is why its so much more than a want. It features a timeless gingham style pattern that is adorable, eye-catching and it gives you a break from your usual stripes or floral print dresses. However, this dress has to have the flowers or else it just wouldn't be the same. The flowers add that pop of color and add a feminine, girly vibe to complete this dress. The dress hangs so beautifully thanks to the shirring around the waist, it gives you that a-line shape with a flirty, flowy skirt. To sum it up this dress has everything you could ever want in a dress, right down to the side pockets! 

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Length: 42"