Ivory Lace Slip Extender

  • $22.00

Made in USA
Modest & Lightweight
S- W.24"-40" L.24"
M- W.26"-42" L.25"
L- W.28"-44" L.26"

Lace Skirt Extender

Are you a dress-lover? Whether you're dressing up for a date night, spending an afternoon out on the town, sporting a sundress on vacation, dropping your kids off at school, wearing a dress to work or just casually running errands, dresses are comfortable, convenient, chic and a wonderful way to express your sense of style. 

When you're on the go in dresses or skirts, nothing is more essential to staying comfortable and keeping your look in place than wearing a well-placed slip to solve all your dress issues and keep you confident all day long. But slips don't have to be hidden — in fact, they can add cute, classy, chic style to your outfit while also making sure you're well-covered or warm. Slip and skirt extenders and dress-lengthening slips are an easy, stylish solution to enhance any skirt or dress outfit when your original item is too short, too see-through or just needs a little flair. 

Slip Extenders (Half)

Slips are one of the many staple items in every women’s closet that can solve almost any problem you have. Our half-length slip extender has cute lace detailing at the bottom to add a classy vibe to your look. The extenders have an elastic waistband for comfort and easy adjusting — whether you want to change the length to sit on your hips, or so you can wear it high-waisted.

When and Where to Wear a Slip

You can never go wrong by investing in a half-slip extender. Did you purchase a new dress that’s too short? Our adorable slips can turn short skirts or dresses into the ideal length and add a bit of class for more sophisticated events. Made of light, silky materials, the extenders improve comfort under scratchy materials. They're also the perfect solutions to hide undergarments and skin underneath sheer or see-through outfits.

Even if you want an extra layer under your ensemble, throw on a slip for some warmth. The lace detail spices up your look to a cute, flirty image and even helps smooth your dress to eliminate bumps of fabric.

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